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The Mindfulness course/ workshops are aimed at anyone who is interested in integrating Mindfulness practices into their lives to help with depression, stress management, anxiety and emotional regulation. The workshop can help enhance wellbeing and boost one’s mental and physical health.


We run one evening workshop a week and one daytime weekend workshop in two London locations – central and west London. 


The course fee is £360 for 8 weeks.


Each weekly session is approximately 2 hours. 

Our Mindfulness Workshops are developed and run by both Mai Atas-Kelly and Professor Paul Chadwick.
Paul is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and Programme Director of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.
He has been at the forefront of the development of psychological therapy for psychosis for over 25 years, and has pioneered the integration of mindfulness within cognitive therapy for psychosis.

Mindfulness course example programme:

Session 1
Introduction to Mindfulness, acknowledging our automatic pilot, recognizing reactivity
Session 2
Recognising / expanding perception
Session 3
Anchoring and Gathering
Session 4
Choice and Change
Session 5
Creativity/ identifying
Session 6
Behavioural strategies
Session 7
Loving Kindness and Self compassion / gratitude
Session 8
Recap and relapse prevention 
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