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Mai Atas- Kelly, Chartered Psychologist -

Psychology, CBT, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

  • Stress management 

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Panic and Agoraphobia  

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Marital and relationships problems 

  • Personality and psychometric testing 

  • Relaxation 

  • Sleep management 

  • Health management 

  • Business coaching 

  • Social and personal skills enhancement 

  • Career Counselling and coaching 

  • Low motivation 

  • Expert Witness services

Psychology, Psychotherapy & CBT



If you are struggling with current   pressures and stress, feeling ‘stuck’, dealing with depression/anxiety or   simply wish to understand, reflect and change your thinking and   behaviors, we can embark on this journey in a safe and non-judgemental place where we can   explore and resolve this either through a short term, goal-orientated course of CBT lasting   approximately 6-12 sessions or embark on an explorative psychotherapy for a longer term work.

Mindfulness can be integrated into your life to help you reach balance, focus, reduce stress, boost your immune system and cope with life’s challenges through responsiveness rather than reactivity.     


The current practice of Mindfulness and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) can provide you with a range of helpful tools that can be learned through the official full 8 weeks mindfulness course and/or as a complimentary addit  -ional aspect to your therapy (See our Mindfulness section for more details).

Whether you want to share your practice and clients’ challenges, require supervision for your studies or would like to boost your existing supervision – I  can help support you through your professional development;      


With over 10 years experience in supervision of practitioners of different levels and paradigms (CBT, Existential, Neuropsychology, person centered, Mindfulness,  psychodynamic and many more) in the NHS and private settings.

Mindfulness Workshops

Our unique Mindfulness workshop was created to help all of us living in our hectic modern world, with its stressors, triggers and many challenges. It encompasses elements of Mindfulness meditations and practices, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuroplasticity and Psychology.


Professor Paul Chadwick, one of the UK’s leading Clinical Psychologists and Mindfulness experts, and Mai Atas-Kelly, Consultant Counselling Psychologist, both have vast experience in the field of Psychology, psychotherapy and Mindfulness; with over 30 years combined experience of teaching Mindfulness groups to individuals, institutions and businesses.

...Provides a relaxed, safe and open environment where her approach, ability to listen but to also challenge when necessary made me feel comfortable and safe in sharing my thoughts, feelings and internal dialogue...

Jessie, 31

London, UK

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